Nurse on the Spectrum

Musings and rantings of an autistic nurse in the U.K.

Name: Sarah

Age: 38

Occupation: Nurse

Likes: Going to Mass, travel, modern languages, philosophy, reading, psychology, music, cooking, intelligent debate.

Dislikes: Ignorance, narcissism, abusive people, bullies, people with uncompromising far left political leanings, people with uncompromising far right political leanings, hypocrisy, double standards, intolerance of different beliefs and opinions.

Pets: 3 cats, Jerry, Smudge, and Eddie.

Animals are the best; they beat people any day. Always be suspicious of people who dislike cats…

Lives: London, England.

Autism and me

Being recently diagnosed as autistic has literally knocked me sideways. It explains so much but leaves so many more unanswered questions: “Why has nobody noticed this before now”? “How common is it for people to be diagnosed this late”? It also gives me a sense of calm and of a self validation that I neverContinue reading “Autism and me”

Nurse on the Spectrum

I’m Sarah, a thirty something autistic woman. I am one of the increasing number of women diagnosed later in life having been swallowed up by the overwhelmingly male, public school boy’s club of modern psychiatry. Most of the psychiatrists that I have seen over the years have been, frankly, useless. Many are unempathic and IContinue reading “Nurse on the Spectrum”

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